Valentine’s Day Dating Ideas For Home Buddies

If you or your lover or both of you are the type of person who want to stay at home and be a home buddy, then on Valentine’s Day it would be a different mood and set-up.

Heart’s Day as some would call it is one of the most sought after event or occasion especially for those who are in a relationship or married. But for home buddies, there are Valentine’s Day dating ideas which can make a couple enjoy their time together without having the fuss and hassle of dating outside.

To give you an idea on how to spend this special occasion, read on the following Valentine’s Day dating ideas for home buddies:

• Stargazing

Get a cozy blanket, a huge bench that will fit both of you and some munchies to eat on while you are going out there on the backyard. Watch the stars as they start to twinkle their lights on you. You can even play a game of guessing the different constellations that appear on the sky. If not simply cuddle and talk about your relationship, romantic things and other stuff. Be sure not to talk about money and problems. These are a no-no! You do not want to ruin your Valentine’s date mood.

• Play Poker

If both of you know how to play cards, especially poker, then go and pay a poker game. You can start betting using a nickel or a dollar perhaps. However, if you want to be more romantic about it and add some twist to a betting game, why not have the loser strip off a piece of what he or she wearing until such time one of you has nothing to strip off (who by the way is the ultimate loser of the game).

• Movie Night

Grab a copy of a newly released DVD of a horror flick or maybe a romantic movie perhaps. Cook some munchies to eat while watching the movie. Do not forget to prepare the beverages too. To make it more romantic, switch off the lights and simply cuddle all the way till the movie ends.

• Play A Board Game

What about competing against each other on a board game? This will definitely be a sure hit especially to let time pass by and of course having fun as well. You can choose to play chess, scrabble, snakes and ladder, dominos, checkers, monopoly, mah-jong and many more. If you want to play every bit of board game you got at home, sure you can!

The best part of having your Valentine’s Day spent at home is that you are spending quality time together at the comforts of your home without having to spend much money on it. The four mentioned Valentine’s Day dating ideas for home buddies would be a sure hit for those who want to spend this special day at home with the love of their lives. Who says being at home is boring? Na, there are still a lot of ways to spend this coveted day with your loved one at home. All it takes is a little bit of creativity and initiative.