The Yard Sale Buddy System

The buddy system is something that we’re all familiar with. It can be applied to a lot of situations. Two of those situations apply to yard sales.

First of all, if you’re running a yard sale, you should have a buddy. Yard sales are an all day process and it’s hard to go all day without needing a drink, a snack or a bathroom break. So, you want to have someone available to watch the sale for a few minutes, as needed. Also, it helps to have two or more people to set up and take down the yard sale at the start and end of the day.

The other way that the buddy system helps at house item sales is for the shoppers. Let’s say that you enjoy buying books and your friend enjoys buying jewelry. Well, a lot of sales give deals on bigger buys. So, if one of you buys all of the books and jewelry, that person might get a better deal. Then, you can settle up in the car or at home later.

Also, it’s nice to have a buddy with you when you shop at yard sales because more eyes can spot more deals. Many sales are full of boxes and bags that people have to search through. With two or more searchers, everyone can save a bit of time. That way, there will be time to visit even more sales throughout the day. So, it’s another great way to take a buddy or a group of buddies along the next time you plan a day of yard saling.