Play Buddy Demystified – Play Buddy For Pogo Games, a Case Study

Computer game industry has evolved much within the last decade. Back in the 80’s the only commodity it has to offer was the cartridge/ROM, besides the console itself. Today it has gone way beyond that. We see not only magazines, T-shirts, and movies started getting exposed… but also cheats! Moreover, cheats have grown so big that it becomes an industry by itself. Ask GameShark and ActionReplay, you’ll know what I mean.

Currently, Play Buddy is hot. People are raving about it in their blogs, on forums, on YouTube comments and so on and so on. But is it really that great? Is it just another hoax people buy into, just like the Millenium Bug? Is it truly “the greatest cheat available” as they claim on their website? Read on.

Speaking from experience as an addict gamer and seasoned cheater, I can say that Play Buddy has its own strengths and weaknesses. Let’s take an example to study: cheating Pogo games. The great thing about Play Buddy, in this case, is its ability to cheat online under the radar. On rooms and tournaments, you’ll play the game so smooth (actually played by the Buddy program) that people will only see you as a master player. Another great thing is they consistently update their tools.

But if you belong to the 90% group that play Pogo only for the Tokens, I dare to say Play Buddy is NOT for you. Here’s why:

1. The cost
I see on their site they are selling the Buddy separately, i.e. $10 to $20 per game basis! Here’s a tip: if your dad isn’t Bill Gates or Donald Trump, then, for heaven sake, don’t even think about taking all the buddies home (yes, even after they cut the price in half!). Just within the Pogo category, there are nearly 100 games listed. And that’s a dedicated $1,000 – $2,000 just for cheating games!

2. The speed
I know of a proper cheat tool that instantly generates millions of Tokens in split second. You don’t need to wait hours for a bot finishing round after round for you just to earn 200-1000 Tokens per round.

3. The scoop
Spend a minute or two on their website, it will become obvious that they only specialize in board games (puzzles, cards, words or Casino). Games that don’t involve complex algorithm/decisions. So, if you want to cheat Assassin’s Creed (action-adventure), The Sims 2 (simulation), or Final Fantasy series (RPG), then Play Buddy will not be your buddy.