Little Buddy Personal Air Purifier

The Newest Technology

I was recently in an airport terminal standing in line and you know those roped lines that you have to maneuver through? I felt the pressure of all of those bodies around me invading my personal space, there was someone behind me coughing up a storm and another sneezing and sniffling. But I was not concerned, because I was wearing my personal Little Buddy, and I knew those germs would not get to me!!

Compact & Efficient

Most viruses and bacteria measure between 0.04 and 3 microns in size. The technology in the Little Buddy has been confirmed by world authorities in health-related aerosol studies to significantly reduce particles in the 0.04 to 3 micron range. Add to that the substantial inhalation risk reductions which have been confirmed under strict laboratory conditions in confined spaces (aircraft cabin simulations), and large test calibration chambers (rooms), and you will see how effective the Little Buddy can be.

Most germs, smoke, dust, allergens, odors, molds, perfumes, and pollen are repelled away from you and your breathing zone, giving you cleaner, fresher air to breathe, wherever you may be.

No matter where you are, having fresh air can mean the difference between enjoying yourself and being uncomfortable. Whether you’re traveling on an airplane or standing in line at the grocery store, you’ll almost always find yourself assaulted by dust, smoke, odors, or perfume. There’s always the things you don’t think about: germs, mildew, pollen, and a host of other allergens.

And even though not everyone else understands the need for having quality air, you don’t have to be concerned. With Little Buddy along, you’ll feel confident that when you leave home, the air you breathe will be safer and more enjoyable.

Little Buddy is most effective in indoor environments when the wearer is standing or sitting upright. Outdoor conditions or other positions such as lying down will reduce or eliminate the benefits of wearing a Little Buddy.

What It Does Little Buddy treats the air that people breathe, making it cleaner and safer, reducing the concentrations of airborne particles (molds, viruses, bacteria, pollens, etc.) in one’s breathing zone, thereby significantly decreasing the probability that these particles will be inhaled and as a result will reduce the risk of adverse health effects.

Basic Specifications:

The Little Buddy is designed for your personal space. It is worn around the neck and is only effective standing or sitting. The Little Buddy is “active technology” as the purifier extends the cleaning out from the purifier. The Little Buddy uses two active technologies: proprietary ozone oxidizing technology and ionization. This unit is virtually silent and has no maintenance. Can be purchased with or without rechargeable batteries and charger.