How To Indulge and Win The Battle of The Bulge During The Holidays: Get Yourself a Buddy

If you are trying to lose weight, the holidays literally are the heaviest time of the year.

So how do you eat, drink and be merry while you’re counting every single calorie? By getting a buddy who will help you make the right choices bite by bite.

Scientific studies have shown that people who diet with partners are much more likely to lose weight and to keep it off. And there’s no more crucial time to have a buddy on your side than from Thanksgiving to New Year’s.

“During the holidays, you can use all the help you can get,” says Alan Gettis, a nutritionist and clinical psychologist in River Edge, N.J. “I urge my clients to get a full-time year-round a buddy, it could be a husband or a wife, a neighbor or a friend. I’ve also been telling my clients about , where they can sign up for a buddy for free.”

But don’t wait for the first feast to find a buddy, says Susan Holmberg, a nutritionist and behavioral therapist in Oradell, N.J. “Once you start overeating, you don’t want a buddy,” she says.

Buddies give you moral support and help you identify bad eating habits and patterns because they have been there, too, she says. “You may want to have more than one buddy,” she says. “You can have one on the phone and one who exercises with you and goes to parties with you. You can make deals with your buddy where you both go to the party but only one of you goes through the buffet line or where you agree to split one meal.”

Buddies also are like therapists and coaches, who listen to you and keep you on the right path. “Your buddy should be a person you can share your feelings with and rely on in a pinch without fear that your feelings will be used as ammunition against you,” Gettis says.

Holmberg says that  is particularly helpful to people who may be reluctant to change because those who sign on can choose a either real-life buddy, someone in their geographical area they can meet and exercise with, or select someone to work with solely online or via the phone. “Sometimes anonymity is good,” she says. “You are much more likely to try it if you don’t have to meet the person.”

Gettis points out that with [http://www.WeightLossBuddy], “you can find someone with similar goals, and both of you can support each other.”

Buddies also take on active roles, getting you to stop a bad habit and replace it with a healthy one. Gettis likens the process to a marathon, where the runners are tempted to give up before the 26th mile because it is so difficult to stay the course. “The 18- to 19-mile mark is the crucial one,” he says. “During a marathon I was once in, I came upon two guys running – one was hurting, and the other was encouraging him to keep running. I followed them for two to three miles, and the one kept saying, ‘Leave me.’ The other kept saying, ‘I’m not going to.’ And I thought, ‘What great friends!’ Then I heard the one hurting say, ‘What’s your name?’”

Perhaps the most important role that buddies play is helping plan strategies and then making sure that you make them work. “They can teach you to take baby steps and to change your environment,” Holmberg says. “For instance, they may suggest that you keep sneakers in your trunk or put on your gym clothes as you leave the office so you don’t have an excuse not to exercise. They can call ahead to the party to check on the menu and give you a low-cal recipe to bring so there’s at least one thing that you can eat.”

Holmberg says that some of the changes are so simple that people overlook them. A buddy may, for instance, suggest that you get at the end of the buffet line so there is less food available or help the host wash dishes because if your hands are wet, you are less likely to nibble on the last remaining crumbs from the serving dishes. “If you are asked to bring dessert, your buddy may remind you not to make chocolate chip cookies because the last time you ate a dozen cookies before you brought them to the party and nibbled the chips while baking and suggest that instead you make something like a pie that can’t be nibbled because it is cut only when served.”

Buddies also can help you practice being assertive, not aggressive to make significant changes in your diet and your lifestyle. “By being assertive, you attack the task,” Gettis says. “By being aggressive, you attack the person. You need to stand your ground and in a firm but angry voice say: ‘I really would appreciate it if you would not bring home anything fattening. You may have had good intentions, but I’d feel better if you didn’t do it again.’”

So don’t wait until you’re boxed in by back-to-back parties and surrounded by wall-to-wall goodies to find a buddy. Make an early New Year’s resolution to do it now, long before the marathon feasts begin, Gettis says. “You have to be realistic, so don’t count on losing 10 to 12 pounds during the holidays. Don’t say you’ll lose 10 pounds during the holidays, and don’t gain 10 either. And get someone to be your buddy for all 12 months of the year. You have nothing to lose – but weight.”

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At Home And On Hand Remedies for Acne

First stop, let us try to understand what acne is. Acne is a form of skin irritation that can be caused by a few things. The changes in our body’s hormone structure is one reason for such skin imperfection. Our bodies change one way or another. It is a fact that we grow old everyday and it is inevitable that our flesh and blood will age, too.

Aside from the natural aging process we experience, we change our way of life. From being a student to becoming a young working adult or from home-buddy that you are, you develop into a social being. The lack of sleep, unhealthy food intake and also stress may bring about acne on the face, body and even on the scalp.

The growth of acne are caused bacteria that gets stuck in the pores of the skin. In these times when pollutants are everywhere, we cannot just ignore the fact our skin is one of the first parts of our body to be affected. Even if you think that your safe and clean inside your homes, we may re-consider. Bacterial cross-contamination can happen in just a wink of an eye, without us realizing it. If bacterias are on our skin, they multiply and develop, which can eventually lead to acne.

Some people would say, we cannot avoid the changes in our body and the way we live. That is true. And just as we are about to completely accept these things, we must also realize that acne can be anywhere around us.

We should not be alarmed just because we are exposed everyday. There are lot of handy and helpful things in and around our homes to treat acne if they get to us. There is no harm in trying the natural way of treating, minimizing or preventing the acne from going into an outburst.

Lemon juice in its basic essence can help in the treatment of acne. The natural property of lemon to be acidic will help soften the accumulated dirt in the pores of the skin. Rubbing a slice of lemon on the area of the skin, where the acne is, will be able exfoliate the pores. Just let the juice stay for a few hours and then thoroughly rinse with water. In addition, lemon juice has Vitamin C, which is good for the skin.

Another natural astringent is pure Apple Cider vinegar. Dipping a cotton ball, in a mixture of 3 parts water and 1 part of pure Apple Cider vinegar, then lightly applying to the acne will exterminate bacteria throbbing in the skin pores. The alkaline property of this vinegar balances the skin’s acidity and in turn makes it a “no bacteria” zone. Leaving the vinegar solution for a few minutes or overnight is recommend and wash-off with water completely.

Applying of the lemon juice or apple cider vinegar solution must be done moderately to avoid skin dryness. If skin becomes too dry, it is more prone to acne.

An oatmeal mask is a natural way to remove excess oil and de-clog the skin pores. Not only is it healthy to eat, it’s healthy for the skin, too. Although, oatmeal is not a cure for acne, it can help clean your skin and reduce redness and inflammation. Make the usual breakfast mixture but this time add 2-3 tablespoons of honey. Mix thoroughly while hot. Before rubbing the mixture to the affected skin area, make sure the temperature is enough to bear. You want to treat the acne and not burn your skin. Let the mask set and wait for about 30 minutes then rinse using warm water.

A more spicy home remedy treatment for acne is the cinnamon mask. Combining honey and cinnamon, in a 2 is to 1 ratio mix, will make an effective anti-biotic combination to get rid of the bacteria in the acne-ridden skin. You can either apply this pasty mix into the whole face or just the affected area and let it stay for about 10-15 minutes. Thoroughly rinse with water and use paper towel to dry.

Another addition to the honey-mix acne treatment is milk. The acidic properties in milk when applied to the skin become anti-bacterial and the fat content gives nourishment as a moisturizer. Just mix a teaspoon of low-fat milk to a teaspoon of honey and use a cotton pad to apply onto the affected skin can also soothe the irritation and redness. Apply this mixture in a layering technique until you achieve the desired thickness. Let the mask remain for 10-15 minutes. To wash the mask off, gently scrub using a soft washcloth in circular motion. Rinsing this way will also remove dead skin.

Protein-rich egg whites are also helpful in acne treatment. Whisked egg whites when applied to the face absorbs away excess oil that would make your skin unfit for bacteria to grow onto. Use the whites from 2-3 eggs, put in a bowl and whisk until it becomes frothy. Apply on your face using half or quarter length of your fingers. Let it dry before applying another layer. You can build up to 4 layers of this mixture and let it stay for about 20 minutes. Use warm water to wash off.

Generally, BEFORE applying any of these home remedies for acne make sure that you skin or face is thoroughly clean and same goes with your hands, cotton, cloth or those that you will use to apply it onto the affected areas. AFTER doing the treatment and rinsing-off the mixture from your skin, face or body, ALWAYS dry that area and, if needed, apply moisturizer appropriate for you.

Our skin is the protective layer of our body. It is the first defense from dirt, dust, pollutants, harsh elements and the likes. We must take care of our skin and make it healthy so that it can provide us with the utmost protection it can give.

Motor Homes

Few things are better than traveling, enjoying, and staying close to nature. Whether it is for an outing with friends and family or on some work, motor homes makes such dreams come true. With all the comforts and luxuries of home, they help make a working assignment more easy and a family outing more enjoyable.

Hundreds of companies provide different types, sizes, designs, and colors of motor homes. Tiffin Motor Homes, Fleetwood, Foretravel, Winnebago Motor Homes, Buddy Greg Motor Homes, Damon Motor Coach, and Roadtrek are some companies which provide luxurious and functional motor homes with all basic amenities.

Motor homes are ‘living units’ which are constructed on a chassis. They have all the amenities of a home such as bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, electricity, and many more. All that you need is a valid drivers’ license.

Different types of motor homes are available, all tailored to suit different needs. Class A (the bus type), Class B and Class C differ significantly in their size and other aspects. While Class A motor homes are large and roomy, Class C is usually held to be the safest, with air bags and seat belts. The convenience of Class B lies in its ability to be parked wherever one wishes, due to its size.

Diesel- and gas-powered motor homes are also available. Diesel is more fuel-efficient but also noisier than gas-powered homes, which are faster and hence provide better acceleration.

Motor homes can either be bought or rented. Some companies, like Poulsborv, Motor Home Rentals, Cruise America, Bates International Motor Homes and many more, offer homes for rent.

Rates for rental services vary, depending on the type of motor home chosen and other factors. A higher rate normally applies to certain busy months, while discounts are offered in other months.

With comfort and luxuriousness mingled, and usefulness and convenience even better than a hotel room, such motor homes are a must for anyone who wants a truly enriching holiday experience.